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Head Board

About Head Board

A bed head will frame your bed and complete the look of your room. A headboard acts as a backrest if you’re a night owl who likes to read in bed. An upholstered headboard is even better for back and neck support – to lean against directly or pile pillows against for added comfort.

A bedhead can be attached to any bed frame using a bracket slotting system as long as the bedhead and bed are compatible in size. Alternatively, bedheads can be attached to the wall or even rest against the wall on the floor, held in place by the bed base and mattress.

Designer Bed Headboard we put forward is featured with fantastic pattern, eye-catchy color, superb shape, ideal dimension, and first-class finish. Made of top-grade wood with the best craftsmanship, it looks beautiful in order to add mind-blowing appeal to the beds. Plus, it can effortlessly be fit because of its ideal shape & size and medium weight. In addition to this, the Designer Bed Headboard does not damage easily by termite, borer, impact & abrasion, and can be availed in different designs, patterns and sizes at market leading prices.

We are involved in offering a Headboard Repairing Service to our clients.

•    Headboard fittings or minor adjustments.
•    Major bed repair work
•    Installation  of spare parts will be at extra cost
•    Cleaning thoroughly after the service is done
•    Warranty on the Spare as per the Manufacturer Only
•    Warranty applicable on NF There sourced spare parts 

we are involved in presenting to our customers Head Board Repair Services in Somajiguda. So as to furnish the detailed demands of our patrons, we spend some time with our clients to understand their needs with a motive to accomplish the supreme level of client satisfaction.